Frequently asked Questions

How long will it take before my benchtop is ready?  We usually supply benchtops within 10 working days.  Our Euro Range of benchtops are available within 5 working days as the “blanks” are ready made.

Why does it take so long to manufacture a benchtop?  There are thousands of different colours and patterns of laminate.  When you order your benchtop, we will order the laminate from one of our suppliers.  The laminate will then be delivered to us.  We then glue the laminate to the substrate and trim the panel to your specifications.  We will then rout the “mason’s mitre” into the underside of your benchtop so you can join it together.

How long is my benchtop guaranteed for?  Benchtops Sydney guarantees its benchtops for 7 years – but they will last much longer than that!

I live in Timbucktoo, can you supply me?  Benchtops Sydney will send benchtops all over Australia.

How will you ship my benchtop?  We will make an mdf “coffin” specifically sized to fit your benchtop inside. This packaging protects your benchtop from damage during transit.

My benchtop is 4 metres long – can this benchtop be supplied in one piece?  This depends on the manufacturer of the laminate.  Most laminates are manufactured in 3.6m long sheets, so if the benchtop is any longer, there is usually a join.  Some laminates are manufactured in 4.1m lengths.  Please contact us if you need a benchtop this long and do not wish to have a join.

I would like my benchtop with a round end.  Can you supply this?  Yes we can, but benchtops with rounded ends (“D” ends) cannot have a bullnosed or rounded profile.